Broadcaster Launches Social Video Network


Broadcaster Inc. has launched a two-way interactive video and chat tool to complement their current interactive community. Users can broadcast to one another using a webcam interface with interactive controls. 

Users can choose to air their feeds live or record them for later, and can communicate one on one or one to many, depending on their needs. The interface will feature three windows and a text chat: the first window will have the user’s feed, the second will feature the people the user has selected to view, and the final window will show the people who are watching the user’s feed.

 Anyone can join and interact, even if they do not have a webcam. Users without cameras will be able to use a program called StudioPRO to edit a playlist of their video files in place of a live video feed.

"This is the ultimate form of online social interaction and instant communication that combines the most popular aspects of social networking with our technologies," said Martin Wade, CEO of Broadcaster, Inc. "Whether you simply like to 'people watch' or want to showcase your talents as an artist or performer, our Social Video Network makes that all possible, and the quality of the video feed is amazing."

Broadcaster hopes to expand their audience by allowing users to incorporate Broadcaster  technology into other social media platforms, such as Facebook.