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Broadcast Pix Unveils Fluent Rapid CG

New tool for its production system streamlines graphics creation
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Broadcast Pix has launched Fluent Rapid CG, a new
option for its Granite and Slate integrated production systems. The Rapid CG
option automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds and custom actions like
scorekeeping into templates for customized graphics, which streamlines the
creation of data-intensive computer generation graphics and produces
significantly less manual effort in the production process.

"Rapid CG is ideal for live sports, election
results and other data intensive productions that feature a lot of graphics
that change throughout the show," said Broadcast Pix President Ken Swanton in a
statement. "It's easy to link a database to a graphics template for clean
information updates on the air."

Using the new option, users can simply drag and drop
a Microsoft Access or XML database into Rapid CG and link it to a template.
Once linked, the information will be automatically updated in specific fields
within the template, which means no data has to be rekeyed, when, for example,
the score in a game changes or new election results are added.

The automated process can also be applied to a
number of templates simultaneously.


Broadcast Pix Announces Integration Between Rundown Creator, Rapid CG Software

Broadcast Pix™ today announced that its Rapid CG software, which uses templates to easily create customized graphics, now integrates with Rundown Creator, a Web-based collaborative software platform for producing rundowns and scripts for live news and other programs. Information for lower-thirds and other graphics included in a Rundown Creator script can be exported to Rapid CG and automatically inserted into existing templates to simplify live production graphics. “Our integration with Rundown Creator saves time and reduces errors,” explained Steve Ellis, CEO of Broadcast Pix. “Information for lower-thirds, over-the-shoulder graphics, and other graphic elements can be exported directly from Rundown Creator to Rapid CG as an XML file, and then automatically incorporated into templates in show order. That means the CG operator Rundown Creatordoesn’t have to input the data a second time or reorganize it.”