Broadcast Nets Balk at Bush Speech


It looks like President Bush's prime-time speech on Iraq Monday night will not be roadblocked (carried simultaneously) across all of the broadcast networks, if it makes it onto any of them.

Bush is speaking at 8 p.m. to the Army War College in Carlysle Pennsylvania on Iraq and the war on terrorism.

At press time, none of the Big Four had committed to airing the speech.

The White House did not officially ask for the carriage, said a CBS News spokeswoman, and we are not planning to cover it. And what if the White House does ask for the time. "We'd take that into consideration," she said.
The Fox Broadcast Network isn't going to carry it either, sticking with its two-hour finale of The Swann. But Fox News Channel will carry the speech, anchored by Britt Hume. Rival CNN will also carry the speech.

Neither ABC nor NBC has made a final decision, said spokespeople for the each, though NBC is leaning toward not carrying it. It will be carried on NBC's MSNBC cable channel, however.

White House spokesman Allen Abney said that even given the number of no-shows, the administration would not officially request the time.