Britt waves flag for digital services


Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO Glenn Britt was in Washington, D.C.
Tuesday waving the flag for more new digital services.

Combining both the new digital services and fabric themes was subscription video-on-demand, the VOD business model (the other two are pay-per-view and free) that Britt said will 'revolutionize' the TV business over the next 15 to 20

In the SVOD model, customers pay a monthly fee to access a block of

Time Warner is currently testing SVOD with an on-demand Home Box Office package in several cities.
In Columbia, S.C., Britt said, one-half of HBO digital subscribers take HBO-On-Demand.
In addition, he said, pay TV homes have increased 5 percent.

On the regulatory front, Britt -- who was addressing the
Washington Metropolitan Cable Club -- said cable has plenty of competition from
Baby Bells and birds and that the marketplace approach means the final
arbiter of success is 'consumer acceptance, and not some artificial constructs developed in
earlier years to safeguard one industry segment against another.'

When asked how much time he spent, as a cable executive, thinking about
current or future national, state or local regulation, Britt responded, '100

said Time Warner's high-speed-data business is getting rave reviews from subscribers, with
higher customer satisfaction than anything since HBO.

But he added that after the 'high-speed' and 'always-on' crowd had signed up,
choice was key to growing the business. To that end, he said, it just makes good
sense to offer multiple Internet-service providers, calling it 'unfortunate'
that investors in Excite@Home Corp. and Road
Runner had insisted on exclusivity.

Britt said that by the end of June, all of the company's
cable divisions would be offering a choice among America Online Inc., EarthLink
Inc. and Road Runner. He added that agreements with additional regional and
local ISPs would kick in later this spring.