Brightcove to Expand Services


Web publisher Brightcove is looking to get a bigger piece of the Internet video business, expanding their dealings into video download sales, launching an advertising network and selling others video through AOL Video and Brightcove will expand its service to offer independent content owners create online video channels for free and make money through ad revenue and video download sales.

The Massachusetts-based company, founded by a former CTO of Macromedia, has helped cable networks including the Discovery networks, MTV Networks' The N and TV Land, Bravo, AMC, IFC and the National Geographic channel. Through its Brightcove Platform, which launched a year ago, major media companies can sell video downloads and keep the advertising revenue.

The new free service, the Brightcove Network, launches today. It will publish video channels for independent producers for free, sell ads against them and split the revenue 50/50 with the content owners. Brightcove will also offer videos downloads for purchase or to rent and will enable content owners to distribute paid downloads through AOL Video.

Through the service, content owners can essentially build commercial Internet TV channels on their own site, syndicate it to others and distribute it on They can also choose whatever price they want for their video, starting at .99 cents, and keep 70% of the revenue from the sale.