Brief bragging rights in Milwaukee


For two weeks last month, promos for Milwaukee's newest nightly newscast
boasted that it was the city's only 9 p.m. newscast.

Well, yes and no.

On two successive Thursdays, Fox-owned WITI(TV) carried network-programmed
football games, preempting its own nine-year-old newscast.

That left Sinclair's WVTV(TV)'s weeks-old newscast, temporarily, as the only
newscast at that time on those nights.

Viewers were beckoned to see teased stories "tonight on Milwaukee's only 9
p.m. newscast," said WVTV News Director Joe Radske, who says he didn’t write the

WITI News Director Bob Clinkingbeard, who says he noticed the promos while
surfing during a break in the game, acknowledged they were technically correct.
"But they couldn't say they're the only completely local newscast," he added.
That's a reference to Sinclair's Centralcast, in which part of the newscast is
produced locally and part at Sinclair headquarters in Maryland.

Radske says he's starting with a staff of 22, full and part-time, for the
hour program. Since its Aug. 11 launch, WVTV has averaged about a 1 rating to
the long-established WITI's typical 9-plus.