Powell nominated for second term

FCC Chairman Michael Powell won a second endorsement from President Bush, who on Friday announced he will nominate Powell for a second five-year term on the commission. Powell was named to the FCC in 1997, and his current term expires 2002. "I am gratified by the confidence President Bush has indicated in my tenure as chairman of the Federal Communication Commission," he said.

Akre, Wilson win reporting prize

Former Tampa TV reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson won a $125,000 Goldman Environmental Prize last week for their reporting on safety concerns about growth hormones given to dairy cows. Their story, never aired by their station WTVT(TV), was the subject of a lawsuit by the reporters, who are married, against their station and its owner, Fox, contending that pressure from hormone manufacturer Monsanto killed the story. Akre won a $425,000 judgment on one of four claims, which is being appealed by Fox. WTVT maintains that the pair was fired for insubordination, that Monsanto did not contribute to its news policy, and that it did its own story on the subject.


Viacom's CBS owns KTVT(TV) Dallas-Fort Worth. In BROADCASTING & CABLE's list of the Top 25 station groups in the April 23 edition, the station was inadvertently left off the Viacom list.