Stabenow pushes ad-deduction cut

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) is trying to insert into the Senate Democrats' prescription-drug package a provision that could discourage drug companies from advertising. It would prevent them from taking a tax deduction on any advertising and marketing expenses above what they spend on research and development. So far, however, Stabenow's provision is not included, one source said.

Streamlining streaming rules

The U.S. Copyright Office plans to release interim record-keeping rules for broadcasters and others who stream copyrighted music on the Internet. The records Webcasters likely will be expected to keep are the type of Internet service, artist, title, album name, label and number of performances. That is down from the 18 factors the Copyright Office had been planning.

TV Caucus wants crackdown

The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers & Directors wants the FCC to implement tougher programming rules and to review media concentration. The Caucus wants the FCC to forbid any cable system, MSO or national broadcast network from owning more than 30% of any programming service or program it carries; limit to 15% the amount of space commonly owned programs can occupy on any one video-distribution system; and prevent any MSO or satellite company serving more than 30% of multichannel subs from owning an interest in any programming.