Money matters

The FCC last week signed off on higher annual regulatory fees for radio stations, some TV stations and winners of broadcast construction permits for fiscal 2001.

Charges to VHF TV stations in top-10 markets will rise 13%, to $45,100. Stations in markets 51 through 100 will see their fees increase 8%, to $13,750. Radio-station fees will climb between 25% and 4%. VHF TV outlets in markets 11 through 15 would get a 1.4% cut, and UHF stations in markets below the top 25 would get either a cut or see their fees remain stable.

The checks have to be in the mail by mid September.

Good news, bad news

Minorities' share of broadcast-news jobs is the largest ever, but they are losing ground in newsroom management, the Radio-Television News Directors Association reports.

Minorities hold 24.6% of all jobs in TV news, up from 21% last year, and account for 21.8% of jobs at English-language stations. In radio, minorities hold 10.7% of all news jobs, up from 10% last year.

In news directors' ranks, jobs held by minorities dropped to 8% for TV, from 14% a year ago. In radio, their share dropped from 6% to 4.4%. The Ball State University survey found a similar trend for women.


The table accompanying the July 2 article "The seller doesn't hold" incorrectly stated UPN's ad-sales tally. The correct figure was $60 million at press time.