Cable is all over the Republicans gathered in the City of Brotherly Love for the GOP convention this week, and not just news nets. Even Nickelodeon is getting into the game with kid-star-cum-correspondent Josh Peck, 13-year-old star of Nick film Snow Day. Peck is conveying live coverage from the convention throughout the day to Nick, pressing the candidates for their plans on gun control, school safety, diversity, and other grown-up issues that kids actually care about. MTV is taking up the mantle for early 20-somethings, returning with the hip but savvy coverage of Choose or Lose. (Recently, CoL reporter Erica Terry compiled a compare-and-contrast interview with candidate-in-waiting Vice President Al Gore and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.)

Comedy Central is covering the goings-on as no one else can, with heavyweights like former VP Bob Dole and ex-Labor Secretary Robert Reich joining Jon Stewart to identify the true issues affecting Americans, such as how Gov. George W. Bush pronounces "Putin." Even E! Entertainment TV is sending in big garment guns Joan and Melissa Rivers to humiliate the candidates about their ensembles.

All other unturned stones are being moved aside by C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, several regional cable news networks and the broadcast nets. As if that's not enough, DirecTV has dedicated a channel to round-the-clock convention coverage.