Brewers Get on the Scoreboard


The Milwaukee Brewers have signed up for Nielsen's Sponsorship Scorecard.

That service tracks and measures the impact of sponsored media in sports broadcasts--stadium signage, logos, sponsored contests, and the like.

That stretches Nielsen's MLB reach to seven teams. Nielsen will measure/verify sponsor-placed media in all the Brewers' home games, including duration of on-camera appearances and demographic impressions.

To give advertisers a sense of the relative weight of their plugs, Nielsen calculates an impression according to a baseline viewing figure for a 30-second spot.

For example, say the audience is 100 million and a show gets an average 10 rating in the 25-54 demo. A 30-second spot will get a value of 10 million persons 25-54. An impression--they have to be at least one second and readable--gets a weighted fraction of that 30-second spot audience. A 15-second sign exposure, for example, would get half the value of the 30-second-spot, or 5 million viewers; a 3-second exposure would be credited with one tenth, or 1 million viewers.