Bresnan Taps Synacor For Web Portals

Enhances broadband presence with new software

Bresnan Communications, a mid-sized cable operator with 300,000 customers in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah, is using Web software from Buffalo, N.Y.-based Synacor to improve its broadband offerings.

Bresnan has launched an enhanced broadband presence using Synacor's customizable portal and toolbar, which are designed to serve as the primary dashboard for the consumption of consumer services such as news and weather information and can also serve as a gateway to branded news, entertainment, sports, finance and other content offerings. Bresnan plans to add family, educational and games-focused premium content in the near future from the Synacor portfolio of value-added services.

"Bresnan Communications continually seeks new ways to increase the value of our broadband product for our users," said Gus Chimos, Vice President for Bresnan Communications, in a statement. "Synacor services will help us to offer a wider, more compelling array of information and entertainment on our portal in a highly functional platform."