'Breaking Bad' Finale Generates 5.5 million Facebook Interactions

3 million people were active on Facebook posting or interacting with material relating to the show
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last episode of Breaking Bad produced
extensive social media traffic on Sept. 29, with some three million users
producing some 5.5 million posts and interactions related to the show on

activity built on already extensive Facebook activity around the show during
its 5th season. Prior
to the finale, 11.14 million unique users had posted material, shared content,
liked, mentioned or otherwise interacted with the show on Facebook.

detailed breakdowns for the finale are yet available but New Mexico, where the series
was shot, had the highest percent of monthly active users mentioning Breaking Bad in the run-up to the show's
final episode. It was followed by New York, Arizona, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

the run-up to the finale, the U.S. had the highest
percent of monthly active users mentioning the show, followed by Canada, the U.K., Australia and Israel.