IFC Offers 'Uncensored' Movies

New York— IFC is bringing previously censored movies, documentaries and music to the U.S. for the first time as part of a new subscription video-on-demand offering. Each month, Uncensored on Demand will offer a new slate of programming on such topics as cinema, religion, music and politics. IFC doesn't yet have any MSOs signed on to distribute the product.

Insight To Sell for MediaCom in Ill.

New York— Insight Communications is taking oversight of MediaCom's local ad sales in Illinois. The partnership covers about 80,000 subscribers in the state, concentrated in the Peoria, Champaign/Springfield, and Quincy DMAs. MediaCom's systems were formerly managed by Cox.

Court Upholds Public TV's Ad, Rights

Washington— Public-TV stations may offer subscription services, including advertising-supported ones, on a portion of their digital spectrum, federal judges ruled Friday. "Digital technology offers enough capacity that public stations can offer subscription services while still preserving their primary use for public educational broadcasts," said the federal appeals court here. The United Church of Christ, Media Access Project and others argued that FCC rules prohibit any advertising or subscription service on noncommercial channels.

Terrestrial Pay-TV Auction Postponed

Washington— The FCC last Friday called off a June 25 auction of spectrum slated for a terrestrially based competitor to DBS. The commission said it will reschedule the sale after it decides on proposals to accelerate buildout requirements for the winners and to change license coverage areas from Component Economic Areas used by the Commerce Dept. to Nielsen Designated Market Areas, the TV-industry standard. Besides waiting on its own rule revision, the FCC could face court-ordered changes, too. Northpoint Technologies, which originally asked the FCC to create the service, says it is entitled to the spectrum free and challenged the auction in court.