Kerry's Media Views

Washington—Democrat presumptive presidential nominee John Kerry says he would have voted with the majority to overturn the FCC's ownership deregulation. "I wasn't there for the vote, but I was 100% in favor of overturning his rule," he said in an interview that was to be telecast on C-Span June 6.

Kerry also seemed opposed to indecency legislation for cable but also seemed to support the current indecency crackdown on broadcast. "I think there is a distinction between [commercial] broadcast and the notions we've had historically about family time, family hour—and what you buy privately and personally" on cable.

But he seemed to be OK with indecency regulation "so there are some standards and pretty generally people should know what they are." (See Editorial, page 60.)

About media consolidation, he said, "I think that too much media in the hands of one powerful entity or one individual is a mistake. I think it runs counter to the foundation of our country. I think it runs counter to the need for Americans to know that they are getting news and information from multiple sources that are not singularly controlled."

Now Tribune Questions People Meter

Chicago—The Tribune Co. joined Univision and Viacom late last week in urging Nielsen Media Research to delay implementation of the New York local people meter (LPM) until flaws are corrected. The flaws were identified by the Media Ratings Council, which denied accreditation to the new system two weeks ago.

Nielsen launched the LPMs as planned June 3 but says it will continue to operate the existing meter/diary system for another three months. Tribune Broadcasting President Pat Mullen says the dueling ratings will confuse advertisers.