Stanley Without Stone

Los Angeles—David Stanley has exited Stone Stanley Entertainment, the reality production shop he co-founded with Scott Stone in 1991, and will join Warner Bros.' Telepictures. Stone Stanley's credits include The Joe Schmo Show, Celebrity Mole, The Man Show and Loveline, to name a few.

Dayparts Redefined

New York—With 53 ad-supported networks monitored, Nielsen Media Research is clearing up its daypart rules. Now defined dayparts like prime time (8-11 p.m.) or weekday mornings (6 a.m. to noon) apply only to networks that run programming more than half of the time. Thus, Nick at Nite, which programs 9-11 p.m., can be included as a prime time network. Nickelodeon, which has only the 8 p.m. hour, can't.

O'Brien Officially

Los Angeles—Paramount has made official what everybody reported earlier anyway: Access Hollywood host Pat O'Brien will front the studio's Entertainment Tonight spinoff, The Insider,starting Sept. 13. The half-hour strip will concentrate on behind-the-scenes reports, not day-to-day news or on-the-spot celeb worship. "No box office, no red carpet," O'Brien says, "You'll never hear me ask 'What are you wearing tonight?' Thank God, those days are over." Good Morning America'sLara Spencer is rumored to be joining the show, too.

Kids Still See Violent Ads

Washington—Violent movies, music and videogames are still marketed on TV shows whem kids are likely watching, a Federal Trade Commission study finds. In its fourth report to Congress, the FTC found little change in inappropriate ad placements.