TBS' Dude Looks Like A Lady

Atlanta—Would you cross-dress for $250,000? On upcoming reality show He's a Lady, TBS offers 11 manly guys a shot at a quarter of a million dollars if they get makeovers and experience life as a woman. And there's another twist: The men think they've signed on for a show called All American Man, where they'll compete in physical challenges. SC Johnson is sponsoring the show, which begins Oct. 12, and its products, including Edge Shaving Gel, Ziploc and Oust, will be featured in the episodes. He's a Lady is produced by Evolution Film & Tape; Doug Ross and Tom Campbell are executive producers.

CBS Reality Series with Hilfiger

New York–CBS will air a new reality series featuring fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger that relocates 16 would-be designers to a SoHo loft and lets them compete to "win" their own collection under the Hilfiger label. The famed designer and a "style council" will judge the winner in the 13-week series, planned for mid-season. The show, tentatively called The Cut is produced by Lion's Gate Television and Pilgrim Films. A giant guide to upcoming reality shows appears on pages 40-42.

ACA Taps New CEO

Pittsburgh—The American Cable Association tapped President Matt Polka as the new CEO for the Association for Independent Cable Operators. The ACA also plans to hire a chief operating officer by year-end to spearhead its lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. Polka has been with the group for seven years.