Brand It Like Beckham


The NewsMarket, which supplies corporate video news releases and footage to media worldwide, says that more than 50 broadcast quality "news stories" from corporate suppliers including Coke, Adidas, BMW, were downloaded during the World Cup.

NewsMarket said in a release that video from UNICEF of World Cup players watching a children's soccer game was the most popular (473 clips from 53 outlets).

But there was some footage that met the need of news outlets for World Cup-related video and marketers desire to get their associated athletes some face time.

That video included soccer great Pele talking up the unifying force of soccer for shoe company PUMA, a former Pele sponsor who re-teamed with him for an aggressive World Cup marketing campaign; and David Beckham talking about playing for England, supplied by his sponsor, shoe company Adidas.

NewsMarket said that more than 4,000 clips were requested by 180 media outlets.