Box Bakes Boffo Flick Doc


Blockbuster movie success – and the oft unsuccessful attempts to achieve it – will be the subject of an HBO documentary based on the upcoming book, Crix Nix Hix Pix: How To Bake A Blockbuster.

The flick will be directed and produced for HBO by Oscar and Emmy winner Bill Couturié.

The book is being penned by Variety editor-in-chief and former studio exec. Peter Bart ("Crix Nix Hix Pix" is arguably the mag's most famous headline, though a case could be made for "Wall Street Lays An Egg") and published by Miramax Books in conjunction with Variety’s 100th anniversary.

Bart and Variety president and publisher Charles C. Koones will executive produce the feature-length documentary, slated to air in March 2006. (Koones is also Executive Vice President of the Reed Television Group. Variety is published by Reed Business Information, which also publishes Broadcasting & Cable.)

The book and film will reveal the formula behind history’s top box-office hits, and the legions who often fail at nailing that formula. American Graffiti, Birth of a Nation and The Godfather (which Bart helped develop with Robert Evans as an executive at Paramount) will all be examined, with major filmmakers and actors appearing to comment on the successful films and their imitators, and describe how they influenced their careers.

Couturié scored a 1990 Oscar for HBO’s Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt, which he produced.