Bowled Over by Bud Ad

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That zany Budweiser commercial featuring a zebra as a "referee" reviewing an instant replay during last year’s Super Bowl telecast made a lasting impression.

In a year-end survey by ad-recall tracker IAG, Bud’s "Replay" ad emerged as the most-liked TV commercial for 2003.
And four other spots that made their debut in the game made it to IAG’s top-10 list of spots for the year ranked by likeability:

  • A Fed Ex spot spoofing the film Cast Away
  • A Reebok spot featuring "office linebacker" Terry Tate
  • A Pepsi Twist ad with Ozzie Osbourne and his kids morphing into Donny & Marie and
  • A Bud Light ad with a man who wears a dog on his head.

Separate ads from Pepsi, Coke, Ford, Nike and Apple rounded out the top-10 list.