Boomerang Slates Fantastic Four-Runner


Looking to piggyback on the July 8 release of 20th Century Fox's live-action feature, The Fantastic Four, Turner cable net Boomerang is tapping the library of another powerhouse, its parent, Time Warner.

Cartoon Net's ad-free retro-themed sibling will air two prime time marathons of the original 1967 animated Fantastic Four series on July 2 and 3 from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The original series was produced by Hanna Barbera (also owned by Time Warner) and Marvel Comics for ABC.

Only 19 half-hour episodes were produced (Boomerang is fitting all 19 in the 8-hour marathon thanks to the lack of commercials). The series captured a fair helping of the attitude and character development that were Stan Lee (Spiderman) trademarks, and more than one boomer remembers such "Fantastic" phrases as "flame on!" and "It's clobberin' time."