Bono: FCC Is Unwanted Guest In America's Homes


An editorial in yesterday's Wall Street Journal opposing the FCC's crackdown on content in general and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's push for a la carte cable programming in particular is getting a lot of attention.

The piece argued that there was no public outcry for FCC intervention into content and that a la carte was "especially troubling" both becuase it messed with the business sector model of how cable operates, but because it is a "program by program" call.

In addition to making the rounds of media-related push e-mails, the piece was cited by Rep. May Bono (R-Calif.) in a letter to colleagues taking aim at the a la carte proposal.

"Recent attempts by by the FCC to advance an a la carte agenda in the name of our children need to be met with a high degree of skepticism," she wrote, enclosing a copy of the Journal editorial and asking them to read it.

"If the government is so worried about the unwanted guests in American homes, she said, my question is: "Who invited the FCC?"

On Thursday, the Journal followed up its stand with an online, e-mail debate between former FCC Commissioner and V-chip backer Gloria Tristani and Law & Order executive producer Rene Balcer.