Boies goes after Clear Channel


Superstar lawyer David Boies is taking on Clear Channel Communications Inc., the
country's largest radio group and rising TV-station operator.

As Clear Channel faces a growing number of accusations by rivals and public
advocates, the media giant has now attracted the attention of a big-time

On behalf of Spanish Broadcasting System, Boies filed an antitrust suit
Wednesday against Clear Channel and Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., accusing the two
companies of a string of bad deeds, including interfering with his client's
initial public offering and subsequent analyst coverage.

Among the allegations:

s Clear Channel chief financial officer Randall Mays called lead
underwriters in the summer of 1999 to get them to withdraw from the offering.
s After the deal, Clear Channel and HBC sought to depress
Spanish Broadcasting's stock price by threatening to withhold business from
analysts' employers.
s They breached Spanish
Broadcasting's long-term sales-representative contract with Clear Channel-owned
Katz Hispanic Media.
s They attempted to keep Spanish
Broadcasting from acquiring stations by launching bidding wars and interfering with
transaction contracts.

Clear Channel chief executive Lowry Mays called the charges "frivolous" and
pledged to "fight vehemently to defend our position."

Boies' most high-profile case recently was representing the U.S. government
in its antitrust suit against Microsoft Corp.

He also represented art-buyers in their collusion suit against Sotheby's
and Christie's and unsuccessfully defended Napster Inc. against copyright-infringement charges.