Bob Edwards Fan Auctions Jacket


A jacket worn by former NPR, now XM Satellite Radio, host Bob Edwards is being auctioned on eBay Inc. (, with the proceeds going to an NPR competitor.

Edwards, 57, was removed from his Morning Edition host position in March in a show format change to a dual-anchor set-up with more field reporting from the anchors.

.At the time, Edwards expressed disappointment at his removal, as did fans across the country.
"This is a Medium fleece jacket presented to and worn by Bob Edwards at what wound up being his final staff retreat among National Public Radio's Morning Edition staff," reads the item description, which was forwarded by Edwards' XM producer. "He decided this jacket was too small for him, so he gave it to me.  I'm parting with this new and perfect item because I miss Bob and the memories are too painful."

"In protest of the senseless and mishandled firing of America's Host, I'm donating the proceeds of this auction to NPR rival American Public Radio!"

Edwards' show is on XM's Public Radio Channel, which also carries content from XM programming partner PRI, parent of APR.

With three days, 23 hours, to go, eight bidders had run the price up to $20.50.