Bin Laden tape: another TV moment

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All the major broadcasting and cable news networks broke into regular
programming Thursday to show most or all of the Osama bin Laden videotape made
available by the government.

Some anchors, including ABC's Peter Jennings and CBS' Dan Rather, provided
commentary early, aided by teams of analysts, while others deferred to the
translation scrolling across the bottom of the screens.

Eventually, all the networks combined reaction and analysis.

ABC says it obtained the tape before other networks and, although it showed
less of the tape than the others, says it fast-forwarded it to more dramatic
parts sooner.

As a result, ABC started its report several seconds later and left its
special report earlier than the others, resuming regular programming with The

One news director expressed disappointment by the departure, and said that
during the early moments of The View , the station was trying to get the
bin Laden feed, 'If you were watching us, you already went somewhere else to
find it.'