Bill Would Extend Campaign Speech ID's


Democratic Representative David Price of North Carolina and Republican Michael Castle of Delaware have introduced a bill that would extend the "stand by your ad" provisions in campaign speech law to the Internet and automated campaign phone calls.

The provision, which applies to radio and TV, is the one that requires that tag line: "I am [candidates name here] and I approve this advertisement" --or something similar--to be placed on TV and radio spots for political candidates.

Meredith McGehee of the Campaign Legal Center applauded the introduction of the bill, which is titled the  Responsible Campaign Communications Act of 2007.

"The 'Stand by Your Ad' provision is a common sense means to better hold candidates and parties accountable for their actions to influence, and in some cases mislead, voters," she said. "Extending this measure to target new forms of voter deception is a logical and necessary step."