A Big-Market Success


Distribution-wise, NBC Enterprises' Access Hollywood has long had one important thing going for it and one important thing going against it.

Going for it are prime access clearances on the NBC owned-and-operated stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, where the magazine show regularly turns in strong performances.

Going against it has been an inability to secure similar clearances in the rest of country. Access time periods are tough to come by and are mostly locked up for years on top network affiliates.

When NBC took over distribution of Access Hollywood
from Warner Bros. two years ago, the show was distributed in access slots in about 35% of the country. By this fall, the show will have prime access slots in 50% of the country, moving toward 60% by fall 2004, says Executive Vice President, Sales, Barry Wallach. Moreover, NBC has cleared the show in most of the country through the 2006-07 television season and through 2008-09 on some stations.

Among women 18-49, the show is second behind Entertainment Tonight, with a 3.8 to ET's 4.5, according to Nielsen's weighted metered-market ratings in top-three affiliates in prime access. That just beats King World's Inside Edition, which comes in with a 3.7 in the demo. Warner Bros.' Extra is fourth with a 3.1.

Access Hollywood
claims the largest total 18-49 audience of all the access shows, including game shows. According to NBC, 50% of Access Hollywood's audience is adults 18-49, compared with 49% of Extra's, 42% of Entertainment Tonight's
and 40% of Inside Edition's.

Access Hollywood's audience also is the richest, NBC says, with the largest percentage of viewers with incomes higher than $75,000 a year. The young/well-heeled combination appeals to top advertisers, notably movie studios, which spend $6 billion on TV advertising a year, particularly in the entertainment-magazine genre.

Finally, although Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight
and Extra
are all rivals, Wallach says the three shows perform well when aired back to back. Access Hollywood
is having success teaming with ET, Wallach says, on KIRO-TV Seattle; WAVY-TV Norfolk, Va.; and WESH-TV Orlando, Fla.