Big Four target diversity


Diversity chieftains from the 'Big Four' broadcast networks were in
Washington, D.C., to update congressional minority caucuses on efforts to
include more ethnic groups among their characters.

In an attempt to head off criticism that followed the unveiling of the 2001
season, the nets reassured lawmakers that they are preparing to increase the
amount of minority characters on their shows, as well as to feature them in more
quality roles.

Meeting with the House Asian and Pacific American, Black and Hispanic
Caucuses were NBC's Paula Madison, ABC's John Rose, CBS' Josie Thomas and Fox's
Mitsy Wilson. All four execs have been assigned to head their nets' diversity

The networks are still stinging from a November report from a coalition of
minority groups that gave all four unsatisfactory grades both in feature
minorities in programming and promoting them up the employment ranks. The report
came six months after the nets signed a pact agreeing to improve their diversity