Big Brother Rules Online

The CBS reality show's site leads among broadcast program Websites in online traffic

Big Brother 8 continues to dominate broadcast network show Websites' share of traffic, but entertainment shows are making a comeback on the list. 

According to Hitwise (, which tracks the surfing of 10 million users, the CBS reality show got almost a third of all the traffic (29.46%) for the week ending Aug. 25, on par with its 29.84% share in the previous week's top 10 list and essentially as much as all the other top 10 sites combined. 

The list comprised six reality shows—which claimed the top six spots—one game show and three scripted entertainment shows. That entertainment contingent is up from two shows the previous week and only one the week before, with NBC’s Heroes making an appearance at number 10. 

It was an all-American list in the second through fourth spots with America's Got Talent (5.13%), American Idol (4.97%) and America's Most Wanted (3.47%). So You Think You Can Dance was at number five with a 3%, down from a 1263% for the week before, when its finale aired. 

Rounding out the reality contingent was Pirate Master (2.95%), at number six.

The only game show on the list was Power of 10 (2.93%) at number seven, followed by Grey's Anatomy (2.37%), The Simpsons (2.27%) and Heroes (1.99%).