BIA: TV ad revenues up


BIA Financial Network, a strategic and financial-consulting firm, said Tuesday that it expects revenue from TV stations to increase 5.1 percent in 2002 -- a marked
improvement over 2001, when revenue declined 12.9 percent.

BIA's Mark Fratrik said consumer spending still seems strong and some close
political races should help to increase ad spending in several markets.

Separately, BIA released its list of the top 10 TV stations based on its
estimates of 2001 billings.

Leading the list was WNBC(TV) New York, with $320 million.

The others (in millions) WABC-TV New York, $292.7; KABC-TV Los Angeles,
$244.4; KNBC(TV) Los Angeles, $240.8; WNYW(TV) New York, $225; WPIX(TV) New
York, $204.9; WCBS-TV New York, $196.7; KTTV(TV) Los Angeles, $183.7; WPVI(TV)
Philadelphia, $168.4; and WLS-TV Chicago, $161.5.