Best Buy, TiVo Forge Alliance

TiVo to develop a version of set-top box to be sold at store, retailer to advertise products through TiVo

DVR leader TiVo and retailer Best Buy announced a multiyear partnership Wednesday that will provide TiVo with greater product distribution while providing Best Buy a platform to market its digital services and products.

Best Buy will increase marketing and merchandising of TiVo DVR devices throughout its 1100 U.S. stores. The retailer plans to use the TiVo platform to deliver messages and advice about products such as HDTVs and digital equipment, including the opportunity to buy products from the consumer's home by using their TV remote.

"Customers continue to find new ways to access information and interact, on their terms, with brands they trust," said Barry Judge, Best Buy's chief marketing officer in a statement. "The TiVo alliance will open a new channel of customer interaction."

As part of the partnership, TiVo will be working with Best Buy's Exclusive Brands unit to incorporate the retailer's consumer electronics line into TiVo's user interface and search functions.