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Tiger's Return=Wasted Chance

Pro golf got its savior back last Wednesday in Eldrick Woods, and everyone in the golf and sports world knew it. His first round in his first event back teed off during the workday. But guess what? No streaming coverage. I'm not blaming anyone and I don't care about whose fault it is. I just have a hard time believing some deal couldn't have been made, a quick sponsorship thrown together, and Tiger's round streamed live for all the fans anxious to watch him come back off a long layoff and demonstrate he is some sort of a robot, or God, or whatever makes him hit a (expletive deleted) golf ball like that. Much like most of my tee shots, that's a big shank. —Ben Grossman


The media executives' must-see view from Washington, delivered by John Eggerton without the aid of rose-colored glasses and without the need, quite yet, of bifocals.

On The Oscars

It was a politics-lite night, perhaps because there is a new and “elegant” president, as Sean Penn put it. What politics there was, was social and confined to equal rights for gays. Then there was the requisite Bill Maher moment, this one his observation about our silly gods and what they have done to the world. Maybe handing out the documentary award to someone else wasn't the moment to turn the spotlight on himself and his documentary, which wasn't nominated. —John Eggerton


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Rosie's Latest 'View'

Does Rosie O'Donnell watch The View? That seemed to be the obvious question, at least to us, when we caught up with her at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills the other night for the premiere of her new Lifetime movie, America. O'Donnell dug the Flip camera that Editor Stephanie Robbins brought along, and agreed to talk into it about what she's up to lately, what she thought of the response to her ill-received variety show on NBC last fall, and whether or not she checks in on her old “frenemies” at The View. See the video at