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Station to Station: 'Arizona Morning' Goes Off Without a Hitch ... Sort of

July 19, 2007

KSAZ Phoenix reporter Andrea Robinson was in for a surprise Tuesday on Fox 10 Arizona Morning. Just as she began a report on celebrity nuptials, her boyfriend stepped onto the set. He put his hand on her shoulder. She clenched her teeth and said, “What are you doing here?” as if he'd walked onto the set naked with a piercing she'd never known about.

The guy told Andrea he'd loved her since he'd first met her, then dropped to his knee and proposed. Robinson said yes.

For the cynics out there, a Fox spokesperson says Robinson had no idea and the fiancé arranged the stunt with the show's bookers.—Michael Malone

BC Beat: My Love-hate relationship with ESPN

July 14, 2007

ESPNu coverage of the United States' loss to Austria in the Under-20 World Cup soccer match was a microcosm of my relationship with ESPN as a viewer.

As a soccer fan (it's okay to come out of the closet now that David Beckham has arrived here in Los Angeles), I was thrilled to have live coverage of an event featuring the up-and-coming stars of many of the top soccer-playing nations. ... So for that, to ESPN I am incredibly grateful.

However, ... it murdered the picture and the experience with a constant graphics overlay. ... My screen top to bottom is 19 inches. The info at the top went down 3.5 inches; the crawl was 1.5-2 inches from the bottom, meaning more than 25% of the screen was taken up with graphics.—Ben Grossman