BendBroadband to Launch FourthWall's EBIF Platform

Interactive TV deployment marks the first time that FourthWall has deployed its EBIF solution on the Motorola Platform

Oregon operator BendBroadband is planning to deploy the FourthWall Media EBIF platform, which will be integrated with Rovi i-Guide and Passport Guide for interactive television services.

FourthWall is the leading EBIF platform supplier for Cisco set-top boxes but BendBroadband is the first cable operator to launch FourthWall's EBIF Platform for Motorola settops.

"BendBroadband joins a growing list of operators embracing EBIF," said Tim Peters, FourthWall CEO in a statement. "EBIF is the linchpin between innovation and mass deployment, and will be a bridge to future advanced interactive television services. It is an essential ingredient for today's interactive and addressable advertising and census-level audience measurement. We look forward to launching our technology platform with BendBroadband."