Belo Powers Up DTVs


Harris Corp.'s broadcast-communications division said Thursday that Belo Corp. has tapped it to provide "Sigma CD" UHF digital-TV transmitters as the group upgrades four of its TV stations to full-power digital-TV operations.

The stations are KVUE Austin and KENS San Antonio, both Texas; KMSB Tucson, Ariz.; and KREM Spokane, Wash., which have been operating with Harris low-power transmitters. The FCC has allowed stations to operate at reduced power in the initial stages of the DTV ramp-up, when few sets were available to take advantage of the technology.

The deal continues a long tradition between the two companies. Over the years Belo has purchased 44 Harris transmitters for its 19 full-power stations and one Belo-managed low-power TV station.

Belo also will install a Harris ReCon control and monitoring system to connect resources among all of its 19 full-power stations. The ReCon installation provides remote capabilities to study the transmitter's health and pinpoint and diagnose problems. The central server will be based in Dallas, although engineers at each station will have access to the health and status of all the transmitters.