Belo Expands Trafficking Agreement with Harris

New deal extends existing contract and adds new features

Broadcast station group Belo Corp. has extended its existing contract with Harris Corporation for the OSi-Traffic inventory management and accounting solution and has agreed to add the broadcast sales software OSi-AdConnections and the analytics software NetGain to the Harris products it is using.

"Since 2002, Belo has used OSi-Traffic software to enable zoned, multi-signal and multimedia functionality in a centralized environment," noted Steve McIntosh, VP and general manager, Belo Advertising Customer Services in a statement. "These functionalities have allowed Belo to recognize significant cost savings and have greatly improved related processes."

McIntosh also noted that "the seamless interoperability between OSi-Traffic, OSi-AdConnections and NetGain will help ensure our stations are well-positioned to efficiently manage emerging media productions while enabling quality service to their advertising clients."

The OSi-AdConnections is a Web-based sales proposal software that provides sales teams with immediate access to research, overnights, proposals and other information for their sales efforts. NetGain analytics software provides dashboards and reporting tools for management that makes it easier to digest sales information and identify new revenue opportunities.