Bell boosts new gig in Excite e-mail


Don't you hate it when friends become Amway salesmen and lean on you to
buy stuff? That's what happened to Excite@Home staffers after Chairman George
Bell got squeezed out.

Two months ago, Bell had an e-mail distributed to the
entire company that started out as a friendly 'I will always root for your success' and here's 'my new coordinates' letter.

It soon turned into a pitch for his new gig, Upromise, a 'change-the-world company that aims to revolutionize the way families save for college.'

Basically, it's a frequent-flyer plan where you buy from
AT&T, GM, Exxon, and others and get money toward tuition.

'Signing up for Upromise ( is a snap,' the letter says, 'and it's free.'

That's good, since Excite@Home is facing Chapter 11. Excite@Home verified the e-mail; Bell couldn't be reached.
- John M. Higgins