B’dcasters resist ENG spectrum plan


A group of broadcasters are fighting the Federal Communications Commission’s
latest proposal for making stations relinquish electronic newsgathering spectrum
to mobile satellite services providers.

Last week members of National Association of Broadcasters and MSTV's Ad Hoc
2GHz Reallocation Committee said they are designing an alternative that would
avoid the "substantial interference" the FCC plan would create in top 30

Under the FCC's plan stations would have to coordinate with each other to
access the diminished volume of ENG spectrum in their markets.

"Broadcast service to Americans will be severely reduced, particularly during
emergency situations, when coordination among stations is impossible," the group
said in filing to the FCC.

For half a decade, the FCC has been trying to figure out how broadcasters can
share spectrum used for electronic newsgathering with MSS.

ENG allows broadcasters to transmit sports, news and other programming from
the field back to TV studios for editing prior to broadcast.

Plans to share the spectrum have been plagued by delays and are now a couple
of years behind schedule.