BCReview: Thanks to Tina Fey Fever, Will Viewers Finally Embrace '30 Rock'?

With her red-hot Sarah Palin impressions and her glittery haul of fresh Emmys, Tina Fey couldn't be hotter. But will all that heat transfer to tonight's third-season premiere of '30 Rock'?

Here’s hoping Fey Fever continues – and that many of the viewers who gobbled up her Palin appearances on Saturday Night Live, and when she popped in for those Thursday “Weekend Update” specials in the 30 Rock time slot, will tune in to see her as perennially flustered TV producer Liz Lemon.

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See the gang at Sesame Street mock NBC's hit show "30 Rock." Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon is appropriately played by a lemon and there is a count of 30 rocks.

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