BCFM Suspends Network Revenue Reports


The Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association (BCFM) is benching its benchmark quarterly network revenue reports.

BCFM President Mary Collins says that as the association began a new budgeting process, it decided that "rather than throw good money after bad" on a report that no longer reflected the reality of network TV, it should take a breather and collect input on what would be an appropriate benchmark report for an increasingly crowded media universe.

The report is financially supported by ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as some analysts.

When the association began issuing the reports a couple of decades ago, networks meant three ad-supported broadcast nets, she says. Today's reality includes many more broadcast nets, including Spanish language, plus cable and other sources.

Collins had already had tentative commitments to join the report from two of the three English-language nets, soon to be two with the merging of The WB and UPN, but she wants to bring in other sources, including cable and perhaps even IPTV if that makes sense.

Collins says she hopes to re-launch the survey by the beginning of next year. She says that current participants ABC, CBS and NBC supported the decision.