B&C Week


Monday, Aug. 29

Much as we like to pretend that we’ve seen every remotely interesting and/or hot show on television—or at least have TiVo’d it and will see it any minute now—the truth is: There’s some stuff that just slips through the cracks between the sofa cushions. Like The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick as a Southern gal who shows a resentful L.A.P.D. murder squad how to nail down cases—sounded like it had potential when it debuted in June. We made a mental note to check it out. But then the summer intervened. Now Labor Day’s closing in, the show’s doing so well for TNT that it’s already been renewed, and there’s no excuse. Tonight at 9 (ET), we’re watching the new episode called “Fatal Retraction,” even if it does sound like the guest stars should be Jayson Blair and Mary Mapes.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

Across the land, it’s Kanye West Day. Week? Month? The Aug. 29 Time magazine cover story calls him “Hip-Hop’s Class Act.” His new album, Late Registration, debuts today. E! is doing a half-hour news special tonight, Kanye West: Backstage Pass (6:30 ET). And he’s been added to the roster of musical acts (Rolling Stones, Santana, Green Day) for ABC’s NFL Opening Kickoff 2005, an hourlong pre-game special leading into the first Monday Night Football game of the season, the New England Patriots against the Oakland Raiders. (By the way, we’d take the Pats and give the 7.5 points if we approved of illegal sports betting.)

Wednesday, Aug. 31

Usually phrases involving “You’ve gotta see this” and “Tara Reid” are followed promptly by a visit to the nearest computer screen. But lately we’ve been hearing them in reference to Taradise (E!, 10 p.m. ET), a trainwreckish travelogue that’s supposed to be a Reidified version of E!’s Wild On series, but which we like to think of as her take on Amazing Race. You know, madly dashing through foreign lands, oblivious to the surroundings in desperate search of…a really good party. Tonight, the winsome’n’wobbly Reid explores Cyprus. Good luck, Cypriots!

Thursday, Sept. 1

Video-on-demand? Ha! Who needs it? If you devoted Monday night to catching up with Kyra and The Closer, thus missing the two-hour premiere of Fox’s Prison Break, don’t worry: They’re showing it again, tonight (8 ET). Michael Scofield plays a guy who’s so certain his brother was framed for murder that he commits a crime in order to get thrown in prison just so he can help him escape. Which reminds us: Isn’t it about time for someone to do a reality show on death row? Winner goes into the witness-protection program, losers get to choose: the needle or Old Sparky.

Friday, Sept. 2

First weekend in September—which means that the already ­interesting baseball season now gets downright riveting. The last time we looked, the American League wild card race was beyond wild, with Minnesota, Cleveland, Oakland and the New York Yankees separated by the width of a leaf of chewing tobacco. And wouldn’t you know it, the Twins are playing the Indians tonight, and the A’s go against the Yanks. If you can’t get one of those games on television, it could be time to fire up MLB.TV and watch online for $3.95. Might seem a tad obsessive, but at least it’s not like signing up for cellphone alerts. Those are for October.

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