B&C Week


Monday, Oct. 10

On the only night of Fox’s schedule this week that’s not devoted to the baseball postseason, Prison Break is playing a rerun doubleheader (8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET). It’s the latest indication of Fox’s confidence in the guy-helps-his-wrongly-convicted-brother drama, which the network has already goosed to a full-season 22-episode order (good thing the show, set at the Fox River State Penitentiary, is on this network, because having the guys plan a jailbreak at the UPN River State Penitentiary just wouldn’t sound plausible). Today, ABC News’ Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross launches his Monday-Friday radio show, Brian Ross Investigates. Or, rather, it’s not really a show. It’s “a one-minute report on the most important events of the day” that “will uncover new information on business corruption, political scandals and acts of criminal fraud. The report will also explore the latest developments in the global war on terror.” All this, in 60 seconds.

Tuesday, Oct. 11

It’s an axiom of the business: If there’s a gathering of people involved in the television industry, golf will be played. The ninth annual SoCal Show of the Society of Telecommunications Engineers is on Oct. 12-13 in Ontario, Calif., preceded by the Southern California chapter’s 15th Annual Golf Tournament today at the Los Serranos Golf & Country Club in nearby Chino Hills. Fore! Tonight: TV Guide celebrates itself at the matching clubettes Home and Guest House in New York as the formerly wee mag relaunches in a larger format. TV Guide collectors will be standing outside, sobbing: The new TV Guide won’t print dozens of versions with local listings, which had given the completists a reason to get out of bed. That, and the never-ending quest to find a mint-condition first issue from 1953 with Lucy and Desi’s baby on the cover.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Alert: the Broadcast Technology Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Eye-triple-E, as they say) is hosting a three-day symposium in Washington starting today, and no golf is scheduled. But the meeting, at the Hotel Washington, isn’t exclusively TV-related, which explains the oversight. Plus, during the segment called “Time Variation of the Received Field Strength in Different Environments for Digital Radio Systems (DRM) in the Medium Wave Band,” there’ll probably be time for TV types to nip out and play nine holes.

Thursday, Oct. 13

Joseph Simmons, a.k.a. Run of Run DMC, a.k.a. Reverend Run, a.k.a. Russell Simmons’ brother, is now a.k.a. the star of Run’s House (MTV premiere, 10 p.m. ET). It’s a “reality sitcom,” the network says, about his family life, his faith and his comeback album. Also tonight: Is there ever a moment on TV when there isn’t someone, somewhere, playing Texas Hold ’Em? Bravo launches its seventh incarnation of Celebrity Poker Showdown (9 p.m. ET), with a premiere episode devoted to the guys of Desperate Housewives (including Mark Moses, who plays blender-wielding widower Paul Young). Hope Bravo cleared this ABC promotion with the bosses up at NBC Universal.

Friday, Oct. 14

Will Inconceivable return to the NBC sked tonight at 10 (ET)? The new drama about infertility issues, which has failed do much other than inspire a lot of “firing blanks” yuk-yuks, got bumped last week in favor of a Law & Order: Criminal Intent rerun. How that performed may determine Inconceivable’s future. But this Friday’s not a dead loss for NBC. Late Night with Conan O’Brien’s sole guest is Dolly Parton, bless her heart.

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