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RE: DTV Delay

[The House of Representatives on Jan. 21 postponed a markup of a bill to delay the DTV transition and did not set a new date.]

Do they have any idea how much money TV stations have had to spend—how much ad revenue they've given up just to satisfy the requirements of the FCC? They are laying people off left and right; give them a break, for crying out loud, and stick to something for once!

Danielle, sales manager, Iowa, on Jan. 22

I hope the bill stays postponed until after Feb. 17, so Congress can worry about other important issues rather than changing the digital television date for a family who doesn't care about the transition at all and doesn't want to take advantage of the digital opportunity.

Alex, student, Massachusetts, on Jan. 21

RE: TCA: Still Hope for NBC's Lipstick Jungle

[At the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Jan. 15, NBC Primetime Entertainment President Angela Bromstad said the network has not officially cancelled Lipstick Jungle.]

As a media buyer for over 30 years, it is astonishing that NBC would table this show. There is almost nothing I can buy for my buys targeting women with income. My clients all want to reach these high-income women, not the 20-somethings, and NBC manages to cancel them all. So it wasn't a huge audience, but I know from my research that they were loyal viewers, so my advertising message got to them over and over. Just what I wanted. Now thanks for throwing all the money to the other networks.

Susan Thomas, media buyer, on Jan. 16

My husband and I are both big fans of this show and we love the story lines. Please don't cancel Lipstick Jungle. I can't take all this reality TV.

Jessica F., housewife and billing support representative, Ohio, on Jan. 22