B&C Delivery Survey


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&div align="center">
  &table width="455" border="1">
      &td width="445">In the interest of providing our subscribers with timely delivery of  our magazines, we would like to ask your help. Can you indicate below  the day you generally receive your copy of Multichannel News? &br />
      Your help is most appreciated.&/td>
&p align="center">&b> Broadcasting & Cable  Delivery Survey &/b>&/p>
&tr>&td>&div align="center">&br>
      &table width="262">
        &form method='post' name='frmsweep' onsubmit='return valid_entry()' action='http://sweeps.libraryjournal.com/savepoll.asp'> &input type='hidden' name='sweepstakes_id' value='132'>&tr>&td colspan='2' align='right'> &/td>
    &/tr>&tr >&td>  First Name&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_3'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Last Name&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_4'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Company&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_5'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Title&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_6'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Work City&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_9'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Work State&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_10'>&/td>&/tr>&tr >&td>  Work Zip&/td>&td>&input type=text name='fld_11'>&/td>&/tr>&td> &/td>&/tr>&input type='hidden' name='hi_nopages' value='1'>&tr>&td colspan='2' align=center>&p>&br />
    &b>Questions&/b>&/p>&/td>&/tr>&tr>&td colspan='2'>1. The day I receive my copy is generally&/td>&/tr>&tr>&td colspan=2>    &p>
          &select name='ans_465'>
            &option value=''>Select One&/option>
            &option value='Monday'>Monday&/option>
            &option value='Tuesday'>Tuesday&/option>
            &option value='Wednesday'>Wednesday&/option>
            &option value='Thursday'>Thursday&/option>
            &option value='Friday'>Friday&/option>
            &p>  &/p>&/td>&/tr>&tr>&td colspan='2'>2. How do you receive your issue?&/td>&/tr>&tr>&td colspan=2>    &input type=checkbox name='ans_466' value='Through the Mail'>Through the Mail    &input type=checkbox name='ans_466' value='Hand Delivery'>Hand Delivery&br>    &input type=checkbox name='ans_466' value='Not a Print Publication Subscriber'>Not a Print Publication Subscriber&/td>&/tr>&tr>
      &td colspan='2' align='center'>&br>
        &p>Clicking "submit" will return you to the&br />
          B&C Homesite. &br>   
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