BBC apologizes over anti-U.S. remarks


The head of the British Broadcasting Corporation reportedly apologized on Saturday for broadcasting a live discussion program in which audience members blamed U.S. foreign policy for Tuesday's terror attacks.

Reuters reports more than 2,000 viewers complained after seeing the former U.S. Ambassador to Britain, Philip Lader, brought close to tears after attempts to express his sadness over the attacks were shouted down by people expressing anti-American views. ``On balance, I think it was an inappropriate program to broadcast live just two days after the attacks in the United States and I would like to apologize to viewers who were offended by it,'' BBC head Greg Dyke said in a statement. Dyke said he had apologized to Lader.

One audience member had asked whether the attacks were the result of a failure of US foreign policy ``with millions of people around the world despising the American nation,'' according to the Independent newspaper.
Lader tearfully replied, ``I find it hurtful that you are suggesting that a majority of the world despises the United States.''