Bathroom humor at CTAM



Dan Somers is so excited about his job that he just can't hold it in. Asked on a CTAM panel in Boston last Tuesday how he likes his gig as chairman of AT & T Broadband, Somers replied that "when I get up in the morning, I tingle because I can't wait to get to work." But "tingle" is not the word many in the audience heard, and what they thought they heard was the subject of lots of playground humor among convention goers.

The next day, when on another panel, former FOX Family Channel President Rich Cronin played straight man to Maggie Wilderotter, president and CEO of Wink Communications, suggesting the enhanced television prospects look so vast that she must be excited. "So when you wake up in the morning, what do you do?'' he asked. "The first thing I do is tingle,'' she responded, to gales of laughter.