Barrington Taps Cell Journalist for UGC

Gives users in 14 markets power to upload video

Barrington Broadcasting has tapped Nashville tech firm Cell Journalist to provide user-generated content (UGC) solutions that will allow users in the 14 Barrington markets to upload photos and video.

The Cell Journalist platform enables any individual with a cell phone or digital camera to upload images and videos of news events as they happen. The platform will also allow the Barrington stations to expedite approved content to its audiences without delay, said Cell Journalist in a statement.

"Today's media consumer is more technologically-savvy and seeks to be engaged in the news gathering process," said Barrington Interactive President David Buonfiglio. "This new partnership with the category leader in UGC will further involve our viewers in the gathering, sharing and experiencing process and it keeps our stations at the leading edge of technology in our markets."

Barrington's stations include WEYI Flint and WNWO Toledo.