Ball State to Name New Campus Building after Famous Alum David Letterman


Ball State University will name its new $21 million communication and media building after CBS’ Late Show host and famous alumn David Letterman.

Letterman has mentioned the Muncie, Ind., university numerous times on both his NBC and CBS late-night shows, a fact the school trumpeted proudly in announcing the honor: "It is entirely fitting that the university should respond in kind with this public demonstration of our admiration and respect."

The school also points out that Letterman has been a generous donor, funding annual communications scholarships since 1985.

Letterman and his mother, Dorothy, are expected to be in attendance Sept. 7 when the building is dedicated.

In typical Letterman fashion, the late-night host may have guilted the school into immortalizing him. According to Ball State, Letterman staffers put his name on a picture of a large stadium, representing it as Scheumann Stadium, the university's remodeled football stadium that reopens in the fall.

Apparently, the campaign may have worked. A press release from the school says that students and faculty have been referring to it as “Dave Letterman Stadium.”