Ball State Investing $17.7M In Emerging Media Research Initiative

Goal is to boost the university's expertise, foster economic develpoment in the state and region
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Ball State is in investing $17.7 million in a new Emerging Media research initiative.

The goal of the initiative, funded with money from the school and new private funding, is to boost the university's expertise in new media and foster economic development in the state and region.

The initiative will also include research faculty members and lab focusing on emerging media and learning.

The Muncie, Ind., University is a familiar name in media research circles due to its Center for Media Design, which has already been studying the intersection of entertainment, media and education via a $20 million grant from the Lilly Endowment.

It also boasts a high-profile alumnus, David Letterman. In fact, the university just launched a guest lecture/workshop series named in honor of Letterman, with Ted Koppel as one of the initial speakers.