Bad Apple Spoils Bunch of Commercials


One "Bad Apple" apparently spoiled a whole bunch of commercials.

While saying it "respectfully disagrees" with the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Better Business Bureau, Kellogg says it will no longer run TV ads putting down apples in favor of the cinnamon in its Apple Jacks cereal.

After reviewing five different commercials, as well as Web and print advertising, CARU recommended the ads be discontinued because they feature a hip cinnamon stick, CinnaMon, but a "devious and grouchy" apple. "The Apple is always scheming, but ultimately fails, to beat CinnaMon to the bowl of Apple Jacks," said CARU (shades of the Trix rabbit).

CARU asked the company to "refrain in the future from denigrating or disparaging apples or other fruits, and refrain from stating or implying that cinnamon, by itself, gives Apple Jacks its sweet taste." (For the record, without sugar, cinnamon is pretty bitter).

“While Kellogg disagrees with the conclusions CARU reached in the decision and how it arrived at those conclusions, Kellogg fully supports the self-regulatory process," said the company in response. "The advertisements complained about in CARU’s initial inquiry are no longer running, and because CARU has expressed remaining concerns, Kellogg does not plan to run them in the future."

CARU is the advertising industry's self-regulatory review unit, which has gotten increased visibility with the rise in childhood obesity and calls for regulation, and greater self-regualation of food ads targeted to kids.